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Visibility and control over your technology assets.

Improve Efficiency

Minimise the effort required to ensure your inventory is up-to-date, and free up time for teams to take on more important tasks.

Single Source of Truth

Managing additions, subtractions and changes to inventory through a single interface makes the accounting process easy. Know everything about your assets, all the time.

Integrate with data sources

Increase data accuracy and integrity through key data integrations.

Stay Secure

Only by knowing what assets you own, and who they're assigned to, can you ensure your devices and data stay secure. Oneview simplifies compliance.

Do you really know how many assets and expenses your company owns?

Before paying for services, it’s essential that you know what you have. But keeping track of every technology asset your business owns by categories like type, location, invoice, contract and cost centre is a complex task for any team to manage with paper and spreadsheets. And with the increasing adoption of IT solutions following the coronavirus pandemic, that job has become harder.

Infoview can help you cut through the data – and simplify the complex. Through the Oneview platform, consolidate your business telco, cloud, print, licensing and leasing inventory into a single, centralised repository, and gain access to real-time insights you can trust.

Find it within Oneview.

Inventory management is just one part of what Oneview and Infoview have to offer. Check out our invoice, provisioning and dispute management capabilities.

Oneview Mock Screen
Oneview Mock Screen