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How Infoview Saved A Leading Healthcare Company Thousands

The Client

Operating over 15 day hospitals and 2,185 pathology sites across Australia, this large Healthcare company administers and processes thousands of COVID-19 tests daily – making them a key player in our nation’s effort to control the virus’ spread. It has been an Infoview client since 2009.
To ensure that crucial test results are shared with clients as quickly as possible, the Healthcare company employs an automated text message system. This system has the capacity to distribute 200,000+ text messages monthly.

Between January and April 2021, the Healthcare company continued to send out messages via the automated system. But, when it was invoiced for that period, costs had ballooned out to 3X its typical monthly rate. Something wasn’t adding up.

The Healthcare company turned to Infoview to examine their billing data, and immediately Infoview’s analysts discovered that the company was being significantly overcharged.

The Situation

The Solution

Using Oneview’s managed disputes solution, the Infoview team assisted the Healthcare company in raising this billing error with their vendor. From there, the dispute was tracked and, once credited, reconciled to the invoice.

The result?

$ 0

Inaccurate service provider over-charges saved.

And that's just one dispute.

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