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Your Technology Ecosystem. Sorted.

Oneview is a one-stop-shop for all of your business' technology management. Gain visibility and control over expenses, inventories, invoices and orders - all from a single source and in real-time.
Oneview is a one-stop-shop for all of your business' technology management needs. Gain full visibility and meaningful insights into expenses, inventories, invoices and orders, while controlling everything from a single interface.

Empowering data-driven insights.

Oneview uploads service provider billing data and maps to inventory data

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Oneview and Infoview analysts deliver critical insights into organisational key areas, such as business spend, trends, anomalies, and areas of inefficiency and error

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Here's what Oneview can do for you.

Infoview Oneview Desktop with Laptop

Easily track and manage your technology - in real time.

Oneview keeps you abreast of every change to your business’ technology environment – from contracts, devices, services, invoices, and everything in between. By automating the process of inventory management, Oneview reduces error and lets your team members focus their time on stategic initiatives.

Improve your bottom line with data you can trust.

Oneview drives down technology expenses by flagging inaccurate invoices, identifying areas of over-spend, and providing the intelligence to streamline inefficient workflows. By uncovering meaningful insights into your technology environment, Oneview empowers you to make informed business decisions.

Demystify technology spend for your whole team.

Oneview lets you see every side of your technology spend – allowing permissioned users to drill down from an organisation-wide view, to business units, down to an individual’s bill. The better users can understand their technology usage and associated costs, the more likely they are to adhere to compliance requirements, and keep costs down.

... and so much more.

Inventory Management

Without an accurate inventory of your technology assets and associated costs, keeping technology expenses down is impossible. With Oneview, see your whole technology fleet in a single view and always know where, how, and by whom your assets are being used.

Provisioning Management

With the help of Servicedesk, Oneview gives your provisioning team the control to properly supply the resources needed by mobile workforces, streamlining the process of order and fulfilment, while managing devices and plans for your business.

Invoice Management

When inaccurate technology invoices go unnoticed, companies overspend. Infoview receives invoices from vendors in any form, comprehensively reviews them for accuracy, and then makes them available for approval via the Oneview platform.

Dispute Management

Finding discrepancies within your technology billing is only half the challenge. Once disputes are identified, Infoview submits them through to service providers for credit, and tracks them through to completion.

Forget Spreadsheets.

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We'll help you stay secure.

Beyond improving bottom lines, keeping an accurate view of inventory is essential to making sure your business remains safe and secure. 

On our side, Infoview is ISO2701 certified – the highest avaliable certification of data security in Australia. With us, your data is in safe hands.

Through the implementation of Oneview, the team at Flight Centre now have visibility and control of all Telecommunications inventory and expense management. This initiative has meant that Flight Centre has realised savings, greater than 750K in the first 12 months, while also reducing administrative overheads and improving the overall customer experience.

Ben Barnes

Technology Business Services Leader

Flight Centre

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