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How to Stop Bill Shock and Revenue Leakage Now

Why your business should focus its TEMs strategy where its Technology Dollars are spent

Image by @tombyrom via Unsplash, used under Unsplash License

More than 90% of technology billing contains errors or issues of some kind. These errors can range from a handful of cents to tens of thousands of dollars, and may go unnoticed for many months.

Despite this, many businesses still believe they identify and correct these errors on their own. All without any telecom knowledge, processes or systems in place.

In truth, unless a re-rate of every single line item, call and service equipment charge is completed it’s impossible to be sure that a business’s billing information is correct.

Yet, it is still commonplace to hear of clients and vendors that are unhappy with the amount of time spent resolving billing issues every month.

It’s just not productive for anyone! And that’s where Infoview can step in.

Having been trusted by Enterprise and Government clients since 1995, our ability to identify, estimate and validate billing errors for our clients – irrespective of vendor or technology – is part of our core business.

While our SaaS TEM solution, Oneview, produces dispute reports and outputs, disputes capability is complimented by our Servicedesk offering – which has built in workflows to submit, send, track and report on lodged disputes. This process ensures that expenses are valid, services are optimised, disputes are tracked, and savings are identified and reported.

The following diagram provides an overview of the typical dispute process, regardless of the delineation of Infoview or client roles…

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