Expense Management

Infoview provides Expense Management by processing your vendor billing data, matching it to your independent inventory of services and using our bespoke systems to provide insightful data analytics. By delving deep into your expense data and assets, we uncover untapped opportunities that exist below the surface. We support the strategic direction and manage the decisions that need to be made in order for you to capitalise on the findings. Since our early days of specifically providing telecommunications expense management solutions, our service has expanded to incorporate other commodities including fleet, accommodation and freight billing expense management services.

The Infoview Suite


Oneview is a valuable tool that gives you the visibility and control to analyse complex expenses. The system is capable of looking after a number of vendor accounts to simplify multi-vendor reporting. As a repository for all inventory Oneview provides a single source of truth for all billing data.


Itemise statements deliver a concise, relevant summary of the monthly expenses calling out key costs and unusual trends, saving time for business managers who will only see the data specific to their business unit.


Connect is an online interactive dashboard that provides Executives and Managers with a targeted, high level view of trends and unusual activity. This allows them to make real decisions on consumption at a local level driving accountability and ultimately costs down.


A capable self-service portal that empowers your team to manage provisioning, orders and other requests, as well as track ticket progress and request help, with the rules defined by you for your business requirements.

The Benefits


On average, our clients have saved 5-15% on expenses, just by using our billing management tools. This, combined with the experience of our team, produces savings in time and effort - freeing up valuable resources to focus on the bigger picture. Vendors also gain benefits as the relationship moves from billing disputes to conversations about strategy, new technology and innovation.


Most of our clients have multiple vendors across their telecommunications, fleet and other products and services. Aggregating these bills into Oneview allows deep analysis on trends and exceptions from the one system. No longer do you have to review paper bills, extract and analyse datasets and store financial structures in multiple tools. With Oneview, you are able to efficiently monitor and on-charge expenses to the areas of the business consuming them.


Vendor contracts are complex across technology products. We have a robust methodology that delves deep into the billing and contract detail and gives confidence over rates and tariffs applied. We work closely with you and the vendor to make sure rates are accurate, especially on contract change.


In our experience, choosing the right plan for thousands of services across multiple vendors is challenging and complicated. Oneview provides insight into a user's profile and then cross checks this against billed plans. Analysts then uncover and report on the benefits of moving to better plans to save you time and money.

With hard focused work we have turned chaos to control. The Oneview system, with its clear and concise reporting, ensures that we make fact-based decisions about reducing waste and cost. It feels surreal to now only deal with small problems.

- Rob Campbell

Telecommunications Business Manager, Aurizon

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We Delve Deeper

We have a proven record of enabling businesses to grow by providing our clients with leading vendor billing and business intelligence solutions. With our insightful data analytics, we have benefited clients with cost-savings and a smarter foundation to make sound, strategic business decisions. From government agencies to large corporations, from the mining industry to health, we have helped our clients implement improved systems that have saved them millions of dollars. Our sound investigative techniques have also captured industry trends that have propelled clients along a path of success, expanding service lines and fortifying market share.


Talk to our team and learn how our inquisitive nature and incisive insights will help you see things you never have before. Take the next step. Empower your business with strategic, competitive wisdom — not just knowledge.

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